Things I simply do not understand

Well here in Germany there are currently 2 big themes.
a) the longer running nuclear power plants
b) the building of Stuttgart 21 (a new railway station in Stuttgart with new high-speed connections etc pp)

This things seem to be unrelated (and maybe they are) but there are connections between them.

At first both seem to ignore technical sound decisions. Either the plants are safe than, they there is not technical reason to shut them down. Or they are not
safe than the must be shut down. Now Stuttgart should get an underground railway station. Well I can not decide if this is sound or not. However currently they have let’s say aroun 21 rails.
And the railsway station is a dead end. So the trains have to run in and run out in the same direction. Such railway stations have a long history. E.g all the railway stations in Paris are of the that kind.
And they do not bother to change that. We have other stations here in Germany which are of the same kind too, it’s not discussed to change that. So make up your own mind about it..

Now let’s see the economical facts.
1) without regards to the nuclear wastes, nuclear power plants are extremly powerful and I bet not many other things can produce currency that cheap. But what if you take into account all the troubles with the nuclear waste. I see there money sums one hardly can “ignore” Just imagine if Josef has saved 1 EUR 2000 years ago. And (not taken taxes into consideration) and just a interest rate of 2 %.
Jesus now has a fortune of 1 * 1.02 ** 2000 = 1.586147e+17 = 158 614 700 000 000 000 EUR to his disposal. As we know he lives forever….

2) Stuttgart 21 was initially calculated with 1994 around 2.5 billion EUR currently they are talking about roughly 6.4 Billion Euro based on prices of 2008 (see e.g. that’s nearly a trippled price. The currently political “covered” price is 4.1 Billion. Again I ask yo to make your own mind about it.

So for me the economical facts are clear. Nuclear power plants are unpayable if we take the problematic of the nuclear wast into our considerations. Anyway without that they are “cheap” and well now the politicians want to tax them not just one time but a few times. So in fact they do not care the least about the costs of it in 20 or so years. They grab all the money now and deferr the costs to the next generations. In fact politics are unsustainable. And the arguments are again another hit on your head with a hammer. It’s because of the “global warming”. Global warming is another argument they use to extend their power base. The facts are not that clear and that it’s mean-grown is at least arguable. Even if the Alarmists have done everything to make it look like the “end-of-the-world”. I propose one checks the mid-age climate optimum or how it is names. We are probably not even sure about this times, but we know for sure that warmer weather is the end-of-it-all theses days?

Both Events have another thin in common. It’s “We are right, whatever the price”….. And well we know how badly wrong politicians usually are. In Germany 1.7 Billion speak against “getting” it right. The big financial crises, is 100% political infliced. But hey there’s always a cure to too much politics, it’s more politics.

I hope one day we get rid of this Bastards….

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