Fundamental critique

Well I know this may get boring. However the stock markets were temporarily high up the last few days.

So be it. Just it does not change anything IMHO. We still have have the same problems as before and they are worsen every day, with every new bond. We have debts everywhere. Not even our money has some value, it’s just an I.O.U. Making the billion dollar note is just as expensive as having one-dollar notes. We have hundreds of thousands inproduktive workers at or around e.g the president. See e.g: The delebets burn money in masive amounts for what?

So whatever will come, it’s clear this kind of economic is not sustainable. For having sustainability we need:
1) sound money

2) sound finances

3) less money burners and bureaucrats.

4) less politicians everywhere

So my suggestions still persist. Don’t buy any bonds of any state. Buy some or more gold or anything which has proven it’s value over the centuries. Tell everyone about the austrian school and try to get this into “mainstream”. We have had enough voodo-economics now for too many years…

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