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Well yes imagine   I can imagine that, and I can imagine a world with much less booms and busts. I can even imagine  a world in which even less are poor. And with poor I mean such that may die for … Continue reading

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Dear US citizens

Don’t you think something is fundamentally broken with your political system? With you (in)justice system also? How could it be that you incarcerate more than 10 -times as much as other  the other countries mentioned in that strip? Don’t … Continue reading

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Well well well

I have written: “So to make end this message. I do think Trump will win with around 55/45 % with a more than 60 % likeliness. So I think Trump will win. I have a bad idea about the goodness … Continue reading

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Soldiers worldwide

say no. Say no to the war drums of your politicians. Disobey and put the politicians and bureaucrats, that want to burn you in the coming wars, into jail. Espeicially US-Soldiers do not follow Uncle Sam anywhere else but into … Continue reading

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Indeed It’s the end of any freedom, that’s what it really is.

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Now here’s the plan

for hell on earth If you believe in god, it may be time for praying and you’d better be prepared to see him and his angels a bit earlier then expected. If you are afraid on going to … Continue reading

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Don’t say you have not been warned

I wrote against it since the start of this blog. I warned of Obama, I warned of Trump and Clinton. I was totally against any bail-in, any bail-out. any EU support for countries in financial problems. I warned about the … Continue reading

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May be harsh – ma y be not

anyway it  seems voting for Clinton get’s more problematic by the day. I guess it’s not to far fetched to expect for Mr Clinton to be even worse as Obama. 8 years president and not a single day of peace … Continue reading

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Over and over and over again

I warned (see and other liberal – minded people (liberal in the old fashioned European sense), that central bank are part of the problem never part of the solution. And here you get some other support for that: … Continue reading

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Neither Trump nor Clinton

vote for Johnson. He’s the only choice which is not worse then before. Peace, Freedom, Liberty, that should ring some bells. You can’t expect Trump nor Clintoin in that area and so the vote is just for the lesser worse. … Continue reading

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