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Dear US citizens

Don’t you think something is fundamentally broken with your political system? With you (in)justice system also? http://satwcomic.com/break-the-bars How could it be that you incarcerate more than 10 -times as much as other  the other countries mentioned in that strip? Don’t … Continue reading

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Things one should consider

Way of murdering: http://www.lewrockwell.com/2014/08/eric-margolis/about-that-alleged-beheading/ Well yes indeed where is the press over decaptation in Saudi Arabie. How many measures can be in existence at once for the very same thing?

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Can one be happy about the death of a man/woman/idea?

Well if you think happy is much to strong. How about being relieved? Was the day of the death of Alexander the Great, Caeasar, Hitler, Stalin, Lening or you name it a “happy” day? Well I guess it very depends. … Continue reading

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