The vote in France

As expected and wished for Hollande has won. The good thing having a socialist is that we’re faster through it all. That’s all there is to write.

France will now try to get the EZB printing more money, financing programs for the unemployment and whatever. The result will be as one can expect. We’ll see more poverty more
unemployed and even more debts. In the end the system will break down as von Mises has told up. Nothing can stop a credit expansion to stop. It’s sonner or later the later the bigger the devastation. France will surely have moor poors and you can bet the functionaries will be fat.

Now if you followed this blog you will know what I expect. Now with a socialist at the top we’ll see even more dangerous engagement in markets. So the race to the bottom is accelerating.

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2 Responses to The vote in France

  1. katokato says:

    thats great! finally they will realize the fallacy of keynesian economics

  2. FDominicus says:

    I guess you still have to learn a lot 😉 Every action they take witll drive them down faster. And they will tell us all. It’s because of the markets and will take that as an excuse for the next wrong-doing. I learned it the hard way and it took me quite a while to get that understood. In fact it started with the first fail-out package. Ah yes that’s when I started:

    And a little later this blog. I know it will not change anything because horse sense brings you not up to the top in Deledfs land. You have to master double-speak and lies. And do this with the most straight face.

    You will have to learn looking into cameras like a sad sausage dog. Then you start talking: “Well we have to tame the markets, we do not really like it but it’s needed” and then you go in destroying another yet too free market and later you’ll stand in front of the camera and will tell trustful. “Well we tried but it was not enough” and again the next found of serfdom is in the making

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