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Over and over and over again

I warned (see and other liberal – minded people (liberal in the old fashioned European sense), that central bank are part of the problem never part of the solution. And here you get some other support for that: … Continue reading

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Neither Trump nor Clinton

vote for Johnson. He’s the only choice which is not worse then before. Peace, Freedom, Liberty, that should ring some bells. You can’t expect Trump nor Clintoin in that area and so the vote is just for the lesser worse. … Continue reading

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Who says hell on earth does not exist? Now it seems it hard to not be US-citizen any more. It’s facism all the way down. Opression, bureaucracy.

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so is it: Imagine, exactly the FED chief that started the whole stuff….

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I’m undecided

Home Taken sarcastic it would be great but I’m afraid they do really mean that serious. And that is ridicilous (IMHO – YMMV of course)

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This can’t be repeated often enough: That’s the fact: Once a deposit is made at the bank, it’s no longer your property. It’s the bank’s. What you own instead is a promise from the bank to repay. It’s an unsecured liability. That’s a very different … Continue reading

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Stopping Monsanto?

There was a proposal that one has to stop Monsanto. I wrote it may be problematic. I should elaborate on that here we go: Yes I can. At first we have to get the bases straight. I assume the population … Continue reading

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