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you may like where it has been integrated and moved into.
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I’m not writing in english usually, but if anyone is interested in my writings in English I will add some more of it:


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Last entry here

Well this blog once was read quite intensively as it was on mises.org. Since then I do not get any feedback any more and so no. I stop posting here.

I was trying not to bother you at all with this blog and tried to deleted it but that does not have worked the Mail with he confirmation has not arrived.

So farewell

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War is coming

and one has to admit it seems rightly so. It’s citizen vs (deep) state. And the problem is freedom has to be won against the oppression and the payment is sadly blood:

So the veterans do not think the state is there to protect you. If not then it’s legit to do it yourself.

Don’t anyone dare to tell me, nobody has told you. I’m but one counter example.

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The problem with politics


One does not need more.

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One terrible and terrifying read


It’s a terrible read and it’s main message is: Abortion is fun. Heck I really hate it. I can’t not put it civilized, what an utterly wreck of a woman. What a disgusting person.


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My wishes for all CIA workers

I make it short. Got to hell.

If anyone ask why: https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/


But not exclusivly. You are the scum of mankind.

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Not all hits

But quite some truth is there to be found:

Female Privilege Checklist

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Nice try


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May be

but maybe not. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-15/nigel-farage-warns-european-parliament-youre-bigger-shock-2017 At first the surprise must take place. Then the voted for have to do what they wanted to. And then there is Germany – unfortunatly  – and the surprise will not heat Germany. In Germany I’M certain with around 70 % that it’ll be CDU/CSU/SPD again maybe even the greens will take part.

The interesting questions in Germany are just. How much for the greens and how much for the Afd. CDU and SDP Both will use at least (IMHO 5-7%) to the AfD. So I’s sure we Germany will get really ripped of the next 2-3 years or so.


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I’d appreciate it

Boom shows off its XB-1 supersonic demonstration passenger airliner


Anyway I  have my doubts.  The prototype is “just” 1/3 of the expected size. I’d think they encounter problems this version can’t reveal. Heating comes to my mind.  There are some information about that available for the SR-71 and there I think I have read: The fuel price is beyond any reason and the plane “leaks” fluids on the ground. This stops while flying and of course getting heated up.

Now the other big problem I see are the turbines. That has been a problem AFAIKT all the time with the concorde. And even worse there have been non produced any more since ages. Who will be able to do it again (better?)

I’m no airplane expert by any means, and know probably to less to judge it. Anyway I have my doubts.

And I have also my opinions about EADS and Boeing. IMHO it would be a fu… bad idea to not produce the A380 any more. I’d do anything I can to keep it produced. There is IMHO no way for cheaper flights. Most airports simply can not be extended easily any more (exception maybe Dubai) , so if you want to transport more you either have to have more airports and I doubt that it will be easy to get more of them. So you have to use what is there with less planes – that means they have to be bigger. The 747 has had a monopoly on large planes for decades and IMHO is was this 747 which did have hold Boeing going. Again I may be wrong

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