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Should one laugh or cry? I’ve no idea really.

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Could that be

true of not?   They admit that it’s aPonzi Scheme, but as long as it works it’s ok?

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Subsumption of what I wrote

since the beginning of this blog. Found today on ZeroHedge: Citation of the 9 myth (unchanged and uncommented) ” 1. The dollar will continue to be the dominant currency. This is a total farce. Grumblings grow louder around the … Continue reading

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How great the deception Just a few remarks… I sympathise to him. I once was young also and did believe I’d do the right thing doing my forced year in the Bundeswehr. Hell after  a few months I recognized how stupid I was. … Continue reading

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It’ll be a terrible day/week time

when the current abuse system will break down. When the card houses will fall. I had hoped for more than 6 years that there may be some limit to madness. I was just thinking: “Everyone must see that”, it seems … Continue reading

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The circles of madness

are closing. The US citizens have choosen their new hangman, they “trust” the republicans one more than the  democratic ones. Well what to say? Well choosen? The BOJ goes around and will buy all the debt of the japanese state. … Continue reading

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