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I like the short version and headline

much more then this “government” – well lady  seems to be to honorouble. But here we go:   The short from Acting Man ( is: “We’re the good guys who tell the truth, and Russians are liars.Forget Iraq … … Continue reading

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I’ve not other word for it: See That is the chair woman of the most dangerous bank in the whole world and they are so full of themselves that even devil could not outwitt them on that. She … Continue reading

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That’s way too ridiciolous

even by lowest standards and even the lowest standard I hold for the FED The P/E is as high as nearly ever. So if the the head of the most influential central bank world word, does not get that … Continue reading

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I don’t think so

I’m not sure that all will get right without too much trouble. I’m not convinced that money prining does not do any harm in the middle run, and I’m sure that money printing itself is just another word for a … Continue reading

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Another lie

in the endless runs of lies: Well fractional reserve, is another word for guaranteed theft, and guess what the EU does? Exactly the send money down the road: (the link in in German) Who is surprised?

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