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If you do like this blog

you may like where it has been integrated and moved into. That’s here: I’m not writing in english usually, but if anyone is interested in my writings in English I will add some more of it: Regards

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Last entry here

Well this blog once was read quite intensively as it was on Since then I do not get any feedback any more and so no. I stop posting here. I was trying not to bother you at all with … Continue reading

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War is coming

and one has to admit it seems rightly so. It’s citizen vs (deep) state. And the problem is freedom has to be won against the oppression and the payment is sadly blood: So the veterans do not think the … Continue reading

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The problem with politics One does not need more.

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One terrible and terrifying read It’s a terrible read and it’s main message is: Abortion is fun. Heck I really hate it. I can’t not put it civilized, what an utterly wreck of a woman. What a disgusting person.  

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My wishes for all CIA workers

I make it short. Got to hell. If anyone ask why:   But not exclusivly. You are the scum of mankind.

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Not all hits

But quite some truth is there to be found: Female Privilege Checklist

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Nice try

Assholes: document.write(unescape(‘%3c%68%65%61%64%3e%0d%0a%3c%73%63%72%69%70%74%20

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May be

but maybe not. At first the surprise must take place. Then the voted for have to do what they wanted to. And then there is Germany – unfortunatly  – and the surprise will not heat Germany. In Germany I’M … Continue reading

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I’d appreciate it

Boom shows off its XB-1 supersonic demonstration passenger airliner   Anyway I  have my doubts.  The prototype is “just” 1/3 of the expected size. I’d think they encounter problems this version can’t reveal. Heating comes to my mind.  There are … Continue reading

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