Why one can not choose for the Greens in Germany

It’s very simple. They are at the bottom against capitalism and even worse they prefer a sort of dictatorship in the name of the “Environment”. But and this should correctly be written BUT
this does not hold for the members of parliament. And wel they want to abolish personal transport and replace it by public transport means. BUT this should not hold for “important” members of their party. In fact they are flying around with the aviance attendance as every other politicians too. They are also responsible that Germany is among the countries with the highest prices for fuel. Indeed the fact is that around 70-80% is taxed away… This is due to the “fantastic” work of the Greens. One could live with it but they want to take the rest of freedom away from us, which is left in this socialiced country. Well you can bet if I will choose them ….

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3 Responses to Why one can not choose for the Greens in Germany

  1. TokyoTom says:

    I’ve commented extensively on Greens (or ‘envirofascists’, as Rothbardians prefer to call them): http://mises.org/Community/blogs/tokyotom/search.aspx?q=enviro

    It’s too bad there is so little effort made to explore that corporate statism that motivates the Greens. Where would we be without government grants of limited liability to0 shareholders?


  2. Nadjeschda says:

    I would accept a 70-80% price for fuel if the German government had the kindness to reduce overal tax-load in the total economy. The problem is that Germany has a ratio of state expenditure to gross national income of above 70% (more of 70% of real income is chanelled through the state). This system would have broken down long ago if it where not for the realtivly high saving ratio of the population.

  3. FDominicus says:

    I’m sorry but I can not see why one should find any product with 70-80% of the price consisting of tax acceptable. And I’m afraid I can not follow that 70% of the income should be gone through the hands of the governement. I can see this e.g for the payout for either GmbHs and AGS but not for others. Anyway it’s still very questionable why there are so harsh payments on pay-outs. This is still another ridicolous abuse of power.

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