It's getting cooler

at least probably with burning less money on IPCC.
If this is true:

then this would be a “good thing” ™

I’m so sure as about the fact that after day night follows, that the climate is changing. The earth is not-yet-a-dead system.
Change is all around, the seasons are there, there is no denying, there were much cooler and much hotter times. And if men will have gone, the climate will still
change over and over again. Till the day earth will be burned by the expected end of the sun.

I don’t know from what we’ll talk in twenty years, but the end was allways predicted to come “far too soon”. As long as we can think and try out new things, we’ll change
our future. Who could think of the IT-industry just 60 or so years ago? Who could think of planes a 200 years or so ag ago. Who can just imagine what would happen if we ever will be
able to make practical use of Einstein most famous formula. Just imagine we we’re able to store and retrieve our energy by that. The earth would be so full of energy, that everyone could have a few billion airplanes and still it would not make a “difference”.

Now imagine we would have spend that much money in nuclear fusion. But you know, we got the decree before the trail. The decree was (and still is) “Guilty”. Men is guilty of “heating” up our planet. There’s no “denying”, this is just “a matter of fact”. You can say “god has created earth in 7 days” and this is “undisputable”, now it’s the same with men-injected-global-heating (migh ;-()

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