Getting back in time

It was before the last election of the “president”.

There I wrote:

I ended with: “Time will tell ”

Time has told the US citizens are really that stupid. Anyway if you feel this may relief you. The Greek and Germans are not better. There are just shadows of worse.
The US will vote for either Obama or Romney (that one really can be that stupid, it still amazes me”), we in NRW have voted for the red/green socialists which do not have socialist in their name but “social” democratic. The Greek have voted for the left of lefts. We are so fubar.

Ok it does not make sense to appeal to the sense of the people.There is none of that in a mass of people. They are too dumb and too lazy to think for themselves. And so they get and “vote” for others who please should think for them. If it would be there own business, I would not have any trouble with it, but no this dumb people vote for those who make my life hell. No thanks for that you dumb …

I once though one could appeal to the sense of people But I see I was wrong. It’s more useful to empty the Bodensee by hand, but trying to get sense into masses. I always felt like completely deranged in a crowd. Now I understand . It’s because man alone may be able of reason but masses of men and masses of voters aren’t . You have to appeal to the lowest feelings of man: envy and distrust.

I’ve to thank you to show me that that clearly about the masses. So yes go on to suppress others, it’ll be your turn sooner or later.

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