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Proper naming

NSA = National Shame Agency It’s shame for the US, and every one working there is also a shame for the USA. You are the terrorists, not the population. And you deserve to be fighted. All the bad for you. … Continue reading

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Words so true that they hurt

“There is a lesson to be learned from all of this, and I think it is a very important one. When it comes right down to it, any government – not just the Argentine government, but the US government as … Continue reading

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Your problem? You’ve some money?

Well governemt to the rescue. So don’t bother just settle over and pay more and let them take away all your money. You do not just have to pay for yourself but all the freeriders which are eligible for … Continue reading

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You know the title song from Ghostbusters?

it contains “there’s something strange in the neighborhood”… I know have stumbled upon a few things I’ve not seen in the papers since ages. Crtitical  comments about the indebted French and a critique  about the easy money policy from the … Continue reading

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