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Your problem? You’ve some money?

Well governemt to the rescue. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-06-02/obamacare-double-cost-insurance-average-californian So don’t bother just settle over and pay more and let them take away all your money. You do not just have to pay for yourself but all the freeriders which are eligible for … Continue reading

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Is ObamaCare against the constitution?

Well if you follow this blog you know that I’m absolutely against forced blessings from states. It seems that it’s really against your constitution also. I’m very excitedly what your Supreme Court will decide. I just can hope for you … Continue reading

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As expected

It seems I got that right in my last entry. Over the weekend they are facing for a “smaller” solution. And it hurts like nothing else what they’ve to give in </p< Charade 2007 there was a debt of around … Continue reading

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