How f….. stupid

do they think I’m?

Gosh, if they don’t have it they are stupid and if they would tell they have they would be even more stupid. Of course they do not have anything – officially.

Does anyone believe the NSA does not have some “interesting” stuff about Frau Merkel?

And do you really thing they are running around shouting: We do have something about Frau Merkel Me me me me mee….



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Well yes imagine


I can imagine that, and I can imagine a world with much less booms and busts. I can even imagine  a world in which even less are poor. And with poor I mean such that may die for reasons like lacking shelter and food.  I can imagine a world in which people are wealthy, wealthy enough to not have any social welfare at all. I can imagine a world in which there are not even any nations any more.

And I can imagine a world without professional politicians, bound just by one thing. Be the “rulers”


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Dear US citizens

Don’t you think something is fundamentally broken with your political system? With you (in)justice system also?

How could it be that you incarcerate more than 10 -times as much as other  the other countries mentioned in that strip?

Don’t you see that your founding papers were all about limiting the power of government? Don’t you see that Abraham Lincoln has broken everything and that it was never ever fixed?

What do you expect if you let you politicians go to undeclared wars? Why you do you think you’ll be more safe if you bring war to other countries? How comes you do not really expect what you get from the “other” side. Is the other side the terror alone?

Think about it an you’ll have to admit. It your fault also. If you go on with that faults, I promise you the only thing you really get is even more terror?

I write this at the beginning of the year 2017 again. Anyway check how I and other have warned you. Don’t you thin we were more right than any of you politicians?

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Well well well

I have written:

“So to make end this message. I do think Trump will win with around 55/45 % with a more than 60 % likeliness. So I think Trump will win. I have a bad idea about the goodness for the world of that but I don’t think Hillary would be just a bit better. The choice is in the end none, no one is better then the other and they both are worse for the US and world. So would you rather suffer toothache of headache? Of would you prefer to die by getting shot or getting hanged. Some choices are no choices at all and that is my opinion about them both. None of them is a good candidate …”


Short comment on this: Hit – sunk

Now something else “post truth” are the words of the year of the (satirical) Good-doers, there opinion is that is describes the behavior of the voters in the vote for BREXIT and Trump. So yes indeed, all those which have done anything and have not shied away from aggressively attack Trump on every and each occasion. From people who have given Obama the peace noble price – for  a president who was during all his president ship attached to wars (well they do not name it a bit different – but war is war, and the war of the USA in the near east were and are not just).

How much did we (the Austrians) have warned to not got down that street. To no good. USA form the way of a land in which the single men was granted an exceptional position against government to a totally corrupted country just driven by the government. From a state which should have as less as possible might to an all-mighty state with spying on every one and “establishments” like Guantanamo. A list of men to be killed just on the behalf of the president and his gang.

A  country in mass hysterie against anything which limits the power of government. And they choose “post truth”. It’s a totally hitting word for themselves and they do not even realize that. Now if that isn’t ironic – what else?

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Soldiers worldwide

say no. Say no to the war drums of your politicians. Disobey and put the politicians and bureaucrats, that want to burn you in the coming wars, into jail. Espeicially US-Soldiers do not follow Uncle Sam anywhere else but into the USA.

Go out of this countries and fight against the ever growing corruption in your own country. If you serve the populations, that is your duty. If you follow you current leaders you are not more then murders or handymen of death.

You are not fighting for your population in the near east you are nothing but state paid killers down there. Was that what you wanted to choose?

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It’s the end of any freedom, that’s what it really is.

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Now here’s the plan

for hell on earth

If you believe in god, it may be time for praying and you’d better be prepared to see him and his angels a bit earlier then expected. If you are afraid on going to hell, don’t bother, hell’s coming to earth. And they will smile….

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Don’t say you have not been warned

I wrote against it since the start of this blog. I warned of Obama, I warned of Trump and Clinton. I was totally against any bail-in, any bail-out. any EU support for countries in financial problems. I warned about the downswing in Griechenland and I warned also about the catastrophe in Venezuela.

I warned actively against any central bank and also I warned for the ever growing EU. You don’t have to believe me, you just can look through this blog or others I keep or write in: see e.g I especially warn against the current legal tender money.

Facts still are. You voted for Obama (most of you) and you get a nobel peace price winner who was in war over all his president ship. I told you before Obama is clueless about economy: You still voted for Obama and it has doubled your debts in just 8 years. Now that´s more than nearly 200 hundred years back with all the wrong-doings of your politicians just before Obama. And still you voted for Obama the second time.

Now you will decide for Trump or Clinton, if you do, you are toast and rightly so. It does not have to bother me, but it will hit men world wide. With Mr Clinton war will never end. If war will end with Mr Trump, one can have at least a shimmer of hope. But they are both by any means worse candidates then even maybe Obama, and that means quite much.

Did anyone of the candidates suggest he/she will call back your soldiers? Does anyone has suggested to stop war against terrorism, war on drugs, war on whatever. Has anyone suggested to  close down the central bank, hell has anyone even suggested to make no more debts?

Sorry it’s harsh but the truth. If you fucking morons do vote for either Clinton or Trump, the blood is also in/at your hands. We (the Austrians) told you not to go down that route, you are too stupid to grasp the problems with deep state. And yet since 200 years you are voting for the GOP or the Democrats. You deserve all the misery, you currently have to endure.

For anyone not voting for either Trump nor Clinton.  You’ve tried, that’s more then one can say about anyone else. But it will cost your blood also. And not just those of the stupid voters for any out of the old parties.

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May be harsh – ma y be not

anyway it  seems voting for Clinton get’s more problematic by the day. I guess it’s not to far fetched to expect for Mr Clinton to be even worse as Obama. 8 years president and not a single day of peace with the nobel price peace winner. Now Clinton has supported that, and so another 8 year  of war are to be expected – the question is where and against whom?

The USA drown in debts, higher deficit then ever, every third Dollar spend from the government comes from new debts. Does anyone believe there will be a change with Mrs Clinton? I could imagine they go on burning earth and men in the near east. Syria anyone? Irak anyone?

Be warned with Mrs Clinton war is the most likely outcome!

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Over and over and over again

I warned (see and other liberal – minded people (liberal in the old fashioned European sense), that central bank are part of the problem never part of the solution. And here you get some other support for that:

If central banks “own” the debt of state all chances are in vain. It never had worked, it does not work and it never will work.

There is but one thin that can stop this madness, one has to end central bank and never ever let states mangle with the currency again. If that is not changed, all hell MUST break loose at some time.


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