from Greece is in free fall. Now it’s Junk-bond status. The interest has risen to above 10%.

Well Greeks the EUR is just “paper” money. So there’s always the “solutio” of hyperinflation.
Unfortunatly you are not alone with the EUR. So you are a bit more lucky this time, Politicians can’t get away
that easy as usual. Now start thinking. Wouldn’t it be good to get rid of your Politicans ans Buerocrats.
Just one quater is working for the governement so 75% are “not” working for the the governement.
How about getting this figure a bit higher. I guess 95% not working for governement should be more than sufficient…

I propose that after getting rid of them, you see that you get corruption in the governement banned. Let them earn their money,
don’t allow them to black-mail you any longer. See that you get rid of most of your military stuff also, and get back to
the ostracism. And revive.

If you follow your current “stuff”, well be prepared for really hard times

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