Anyone here who could tell me why it’s ok to request that others have to pay for one others ideas?
And why it’s not ok, to ask that one’s payments should be to one’s own preferences?

Why is it ok to ask for “justice” and mean “take that and that away from those, those or those”?

I simply can not understand why government can use force against me to “get” my money or my property.

How can it be ok that governments talk about “tax presents”. It’s impossible.

Or why can one say higher taxes are “more” just. Or how can anyone dare to think that subsedies are “deserved”?

Is there anyone who can be named “better”, and such better that he/she can do all kinds of wrong-doings and still be right?

How can one believe that government could be “just”. Just see it happens you live right of the Rhine, then you are German, your are left of the Rhine and you are French, Everyone here in BW has more in common with anyone in Elsass than with some Germans somewhere in the north. Elsass was a few times German and a few times French. And still if you go over there the laws suddenly change. One of the most complex constructs are the “taxes” in the European country. So it’s terrible expensive to get that all “straight. How comes the notion of nations is that “omnipresent”, how comes that in the name of your “fathers country” or motherland every cruelty can be “justified”.

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