Costs for saving banks

Well it seems it’s time for a new round of bank savings (this time we do start here in € land, but don’t laugh you get your share in US-$ land also) . Well you may think. “Not again” well I can understand that, just it’s not the first time and it’ll not be the last time with the regulations about banking, fiat-money. All this would not be problem if not all banks were unable to stand bank runs.

You read that correctlly no bank is able to pay out all the sight deposits. You ask how could that be. Well it could be because the banks do lend out that money. In the “sure” assurance that not all will take away their money at once. Well in every other enterprise this would be named what it is deception.

Well anyway you know that all our currencies are just that a big deceiption. Having money as debt is the base of all the following ugliness. Anyway government and banking system are “brothers-in-unlaw”. They back each other in this big Defraud. And well you have nearly no choice. You can not even pay cash everywhere any longer and in fact the governments want you to pay everything via banks. Because then there will be paper trail. And well it’s possible to follow such.

So governnments and banks are imposters, and they help each other where they can and the prey are we. If you do not believe me well so be it. I suggest nevertheless to read “This time is different” and you’ll see how this unsound systems re-establish themselves over and over again.

And now to the headline of this entry. The costs. Each round of “saving” banks adds another whopping 87% to the exiting debt. Now for Germany this means. We have currently 80 % debt/GDP ratio so after the next round we’ll have 149,6%. So well the debt/GDB of Greece is around 160% and you can bet this will be the last level with that current debts.

If you see the stocks soar. Think about it for just a second, then take a deep breath and then “sell off”. (Or don’t it’s your decision) . Now we will have to recapitalize not just the banks but states. And look around you see there is nearly no debt-free state out there. Draw your own conclusions.

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