Does not make sense

At least I can not see it. Yes indeed the stock have gained quite a lot the last few days. Still the problems are unsolved and well it does not look as if they would be solved in a sensible way. It’s the old story, “Print more money and find more lenders”. We’ll think another 8 billions in Greece, and it seems politicians talk about trillions for “saving banks” (again). Still the money is not there and credit is the only “available” currency. And if you look at it the divers Players try to get rid of any new credits as fast as possible.

To the time of money as value this was inflation. And so we are not just inflating and inflating and inflating. How could that make sense if your problem is too much debt. What good can it be to inflate the credit sums over and over and over again?

No it does not make sense, and sooner or later it will show. Every day we are going on with this makes the bust harder…. That’s a logic just destroyers can love…

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