Why now and not a year or so ago?

Well I’m just puzzling why Greece does this vote about the EU help now and now a year or so ago. The reasons for doing it were the same a year ago. And in fact it could have made a difference. So I’m under the impression that the problems were underestimated a year ago. It feels as if the leaders just played on time with their old same dirty tricks. Not telling the truth directly but just so much one can not hide.

After this year and a hundred billions more, the truth is even dearer. I wrote here some months ago Greece is bankrupt. And by any means it was bankrupt a year ago.

So I think it’s the right way but to the wrong time. I’m under the impression, the greek politicians now can not deny the trouble they have caused any longer and are not looking for “relaxation”. In a way it feels as if they want to lighten the burden and blame it on the “heartless” other partners. Yes it feels to some extend as being black-mailing. And I think Papandreou had to inform the other EU politicians about this before he initiated this vote.

Anyway let them decide, and we’ll see what we have than…

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