Why I like the Internet

My daily bread is computer programming, so maybe this explains it in just a few words 😉

Anyway what I live about the Internet is it’s voluntariness. Agreed some must use the Internet. Indeed here in Germany companies are forced to use
it for their tax declaration, but I think most are visiting is because they want. And what I like especially is that there is not state there.
Yes I know the servers must stand in some state. But that’s not the point, there are not those who rule and those who are ruled.
And it’s as near to a free market as one can think.

I just ask you my (roughly 200 readers) a day. Can I force you to visit my pages? The simple answer is no. In a way you are free to
spend your time here or elsewhere, and I’m free to write some entries may they be as stupid as one can imagine or not.

As everyone I have my preferences and I’ve to admit some of the comics I’m reading regularly just amazes me. I just pick one
http://questionablecontent.net/index.php I do not remember how I found it, but I like it. I even liked it so much that I bough the printed comic. I got it from the
US. How should I ever have learned that this thing could be of interest of me without Internet?

I can visit sited of liberals, communists, socialists and whatever. No one can know wherre my browser lead me or command me not to go wherever I like. This is what I understand under freedom.
The freedom of choice, the freedom of discrimination. The freedom to decide by myself what I will see and what I won’t. Indeed I’m very happy that one day
human invention spirit came up with the question: Can I connect two computers?

They could and now you in maybe the US? Australia or wherever can read (if you like) what this “stupid” german writes here? Isn’t freedom great?

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