Getting back to my predictions a year or so ago:


There you have it:

  1. money still is printed and it seems some prices are starting to show it. (so I guess this can be seen as: On it’s way)
  2. money hardly can get cheaper (wrong. As it turns out at least the ECB has lowered the price for money again one trillione for 1% for up to 3 years. So with this we do have negative yields.
  3. well the Dax has risen a lot in the last year and even since the starting of the year. So indeed it seems I got that right
  4. it’s to early to decide but at least it holds for all the over-debted countries. where everything goes down investements will also. And that is all too true e.g for Greek, Italy, Spain
  5. This was on the point. You can see that all the plans for “saving” just means more taxing.
  6. Well the first level surely was reached. You can check any statistics about Greece and Italy and will find capital exports. (So well I guess we’re on a “good” will say bad day here.
  7. ) Absolutly on the point. The suppression of simple democratic rights, can be seen with the “non-election” of Mr Monti as prime minister in Italy, the ESM, the change of bought Greek bonds form the ECB which were the only one who get a full nominal value of the bought bonds. Whereas the Privates were disappropriated. See all the laws for more surveillance etc. So yes this has come even worse than I could imagine.
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  1. bonventre88 says:

    Honestly – what else can you expect when Central Bankers (and national banks) are permitted to create all the money they wish out of thin air?!

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