What a choice

Oh great you US-Americans have the choice Romney or Obama.

I just wonder where the choice is. Big money, big government, big new debts,big new military expenses, big new lies and last but not least
civil rights abolishments in the name of “fighting terrorism”. I has sympathies to you not too far back, but I think this has vanished like snow in sun.

I guess you simply lost how freedom is written and how it tastes. So be it, get you way and do not cry if you get poorer by the day.

Bernanke reload and fire again. You US-Americans are to stupid to see that money as debt is the disease not the cure.

For those not wanting to vote for either of this “politicians”, good luck. To all the others go to the socialists heaven (but you will not be a functionary, just a small negligtible particle) . Bear all the poverty you
wish upon others.

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