Finally found

I was on the search to name our current regime.

And now after a few weeks of searching and asking I finally found it:


In Germany this fits the bill 100 %. If you got to an election you just can vote for a party (that’s surely an organization). There is AFAIKT no member of the parliament which is not part of a party. This just happens if active members choose to leave the parties. But this always means the end of their “career” as politician.

At least very small company has to get part of the IHK. There is no way out.

And every household has to pay a tv/radio license fee which goes to the GEZ From the next year on, you do not even have to have a TV/Radio/Computer. It’s really for every household.

Another example are unions and employer association, they “trade” for the payments of more than 90 % of the German work force.

Of course the worst cooperation of any coperatives are state and banks. Banks take the debts of the states and “sell” them to the stupid people. If they run into losses the states subsidize banks. And here we have the great black hole for money. But not just money but also happiness and free life of the inhabitants of states.

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