Where are we now?

As heared from the WEC in Davos I think. Back to growth, or just in a situation like 1914.

Well I’ve no answer, I’ve seen the parrallels to 1913 last year. But there is a difference, AFAIKT most europeans were more or less prepared for war. The question to that time just seems to have beeen when.

Now I can not see this time that the Europeans are for war and they hardly seem to be prepared. I’ve also the impression that nobody thinks that the end of debt making will come this year.

What I would dismiss from my point of few is that we’re back to “normal”. The complete system are way beyond “normal”, but are also not “preparing” for war. Well not the war of countries against others.

My impression is currently that the war to come is a war of the leaders, and elites against the rest. See how they try to strengthen the EU. How should that work if you one one hand bring the driver (currently Germany) down? And what should we expect from a larger Europe? More justice?

I don’t think so. So I’m currently more inclined to think about lines of civil war, like in Syria and other african countries. And it’s not we (in the meaning of nation, e.g. Germans vs. others) but we the “leaders” against the stupid masses. Which dare to not want to follow those “wise guys”….

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