Are you a hard or an easy believer?

It can’t be a surprise for anyone expecting the worst of states and government. It must be terrible shock for those believing all good comes from the government.

I guess if you’ve picked one side you hardly could be surprised.

In the end it’s not the leadery itself who do the dirty work. It’s those they were able to convince to do something good. If you pick the CIA you’ve choosen your side and in my opinion it’s the same decision Darth Vader has picked. There is hardly a way back from the dark side…

CIA is the darkest side of the USA by any means. But by every mean every representative is guilty too. They decided to install Guantanamo and they have kept it open for now over 10 years. So he CIA is just as spoilt as the representatives who ordered them to use torture. They were willing aiders. And now that it turns out that the people to not like it, the representative do as if they’ve nothing to do with it. They are so evil that it takes one’s breath away.

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