I’m still around

anyway, the reading frequency here goes against zero. That makes is less intersting to post here. Sometimes one write for oneself, but usually you want to get some reactions. So did I.

Has anything goog happened in the last few months? Not really, the USA goes to war, France goes to war and stupid German goes to war also. Do we have a chance to in anything in Afghanistan? In Syria?

No, the only “win” we do will have is more dead soldiers, died for nothing at all. And who will survive? Obama and his gang, that’s very bitter and undesirable. What is Obama doing? He wants to minimize that little bit of democracy that is left in the USA. What’s his plan? He wants to take away the weapons from anyone but state paid weapon holder. That’ll work execellent for fighting someone who runs around with a gun killing people.

Does he have considered to read “More guns less crime”. Well I guess you can guess the answer ;-(

So really what’s wrong with you really?

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