I disagree


There is  a thing which disturbes me with that. The problem is man made inaccuracy. So the better and more precise a rifle the more “room” there is for the shooter. And I’m trying to stay within one MOA for that the rifle better be sub-moa.  The “near” ideal rifle would be belwo 1/2 MOA that would mean for 100 m

around 1,5 cm spreading (alone through the cung)

on 200 m it would be 3 cm

for 300 m around 4.5 cm

From that I would conclude if you happen to have a rifel with that variance you probably could dare to shoot a roe over that distance. If the rifel would be 2 MOA we’d the following figures


100 6 cm

200 12 cm

300 18 cm

That is too much for around 200 m. So no that is not how it should be….

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