That subsumes it correctly

“The police force is about what your expect from an armed organization given presumptive immunity from any crimes (meaning actual Malik in se Laws) They may commit.

With such dishonorable incentives it is a wonder they are not much worse.

And the fact they are not much worse, given license to steal and kill is proof most COPs are generally honorable people.

But this belies the facts.

“Qualified Immunity” is the presumption that an officer should not be held accountable for actual crimes he commits under the presumption he MIGHT be following orders.

Meanwhile, as shown in Nuremberg, Government officials are in fact legally fully liable for their crimes even when they were CERTAINLY ordered to commit those crimes, and have a duty to refuse illegal orders.

That is a HUGE disconnect.

Employment and social status are not Germaine to the question of whether a crime was committed.  There is no immunity, qualified or otherwise…or there is no law, only tooth and claw.

If there is no law, then COPs are just enforcement.

BEWARE!!! Americans, though slow to use them, do have claws of their own!

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One can not see it differently. It does not matter how bad a regime is, it can be as bad as any socialists regime. The thread of death for not obeying works – nearly always. So the police is there to protect the current politicians. Hardly less, and sometimes a  bit beyond.

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