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Who says hell on earth does not exist?

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-22/un-becoming-american-one-mans-painful-journey-renouncing-citizenship Now it seems it hard to not be US-citizen any more. It’s facism all the way down. Opression, bureaucracy.

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It’s important

but I can not find any reason why I should follow the US election campaign.  It will have influence the Germany with high probability even the earth will get influenced. Both are terrible candidates but can we find a difference? … Continue reading

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Lawful / Unlawful

There are things which are completely different, depending on who does what. The USA and France are flying attacks against IRS in Syria. Assads regime does fight them also. So that is ok, but now russia comes to support Assad … Continue reading

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Subsumption of what I wrote

since the beginning of this blog. Found today on ZeroHedge: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-11-16/9-biggest-myths-people-believe-about-system Citation of the 9 myth (unchanged and uncommented) ” 1. The dollar will continue to be the dominant currency. This is a total farce. Grumblings grow louder around the … Continue reading

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The circles of madness

are closing. The US citizens have choosen their new hangman, they “trust” the republicans one more than the  democratic ones. Well what to say? Well choosen? The BOJ goes around and will buy all the debt of the japanese state. … Continue reading

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Well countered

Christian Lies Indeed solidiers do not fight for the “nation”. They are there to do the dirty work for the current leaders. It’s especially disturbing if christians idolize man/women which are the to murder. It’s of course ok to defend … Continue reading

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Nuts a way too weak word

For these two blog entries: ‘Bomb Syria…For Ukraine’s Sake!’ and http://www.lewrockwell.com/2014/04/andrew-p-napolitano/i-can-kill-you-secretly-for-secret-reasons-ha-ha/ What up with the US, that’s so against everything once hold dear….

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Well the answer is:

war. That’s what the US and EU have on their mind to keep the Ukraine togehter and of course, the people living down there have no “rights” to decide differently. Tell me, how comes that secession is not allowed, tell … Continue reading

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Unfortunately but true

The way into debt is the way into death. We’re seeing it more and more in a growing number of countries. The debt mountains are very high and not bearable. So they must be “written down”. Those who have accumulated … Continue reading

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Well look back over this blog

I warned you over an over again. The Austrians warned before the world war two. But it happens over and over again states are paradises for thieves, but it just gets along some time. And you will loose eventually. Nothing … Continue reading

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