The things one sees and the things one does not see.

An exemplary example:

Indeed you may say. The poor farm workers. The are exploited so bad farmer. Now the food gets wasted now if that happens all over the US what would you think will happen.
Exactly the prices for food will explode. So let’s assume there were 30 000 “illegal” workers. This term alone is “indicative” Who decides that. Ah yes the government. And still more and more illegals are still working. It seems the exploitation is not that harsh as one might expect.

Now where have this “illegals” gone”. I bet not 10 % of them have gone back to whereever they had come. I bet the leaved Georgia and worked elswhere. The probability that they have to work for even less money than in Georgia are not neglectable. And so instead of 60000 less exploited illegals, they even get more exploited.

The things one sees vs the things one does not see….
Someone somehow always pays the bills…

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