Now it's obvious

As written yesterday I was going to a demonstration against the ESM.

In short the outcome feels devastating. We were just around 200-300 participants. So now we probably got on idea on how the last democrats at the end of the Weimarer Republik may have felt.
95% of the Germans seem not even know what ESM means. Those who have to decide upon it seems to be eager to sign the next ErmĂ€chtigungsgesetz. Indeed roughly 800 000 Germans have protested by some mail etc. That’s well 1% of the population. And now one can see the “merits” of democracy

The majority does what it wants and the minority has to obey. That’s great. And so we may have more than 50% of the inhabitants taking one of the other subsidy of the state. And the other nearly 50 % have to do what? Pay. (and pray it won’t get more)

It really feels the world has gone mad. Normal behavior is now some kind of absurdity. And stealing from states a “blessing”. Well so be it. Anyway even if it would have been me alone, I would not care. It’s not of anyone that I’m doing this “stupidities” it’s because it’s for me. One day this system of slavery comes to an end and maybe my children remember one thing. Father has not take part into it, but tried to fight it wherever he could. This times have one strange new thing. Things I write here may stay here for a while. Even beyond my death. And so there are others we do not forget. Think of the books of von Mises, von Hayek, Rohtbard. They are still there to guide us, and warn us and see the Motto of the old Mises blog: Proceeding Ever More Boldly Against Evil. It’s not those wanting to leave in peace and sound money who are the evils, and if there is not much we can do we still can write, think, speak. I will proceed with it, do the same and we’ll be maybe not fine but at least better 😉

Next stop for me is to file a suite against the ESM at our Bundesverfassungsgericht, I do not believe a second that the majority will decide against ESM and that our BundesprĂ€sident will not sign this EmĂ€chtigungsgesetz. He speaks of freedom, we’ll see what he means. Signing ESM would just be another broken promise and I assure you that would not be of any suprise to me. I even dare to say the Bundesverfassungsgericht will not stop this ErmĂ€chtigungsgesetzt. But if there is one left who may do, it’s this highest court of Germany.

I dare to say you US citizens are not better of either… We’ll see what your supreme court will tell us about the ObamaCare…..

Anyway this systems come to an end. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow maybe not in even 10 or fifty years, but they will go done. And that’s a good thing.

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