I come more and more to the suspicion that the suckers get nervous.

Well I can’t help, but it seems the austrian school has won hands down. And well the suckers of the described non working system get more nervous by the day. I’m not that long into this austrian stuff. I came from another area but strange enough I figured out a lot of things the austrian have written and talked about myself. It’s surely not because I’m brilliant, it’s just it’s too obvious.

It just starts with one thing. Being able to differentiate between mine and “theirs”. Whatever a state says whatever the politics say. The base is property. No state can control the complete life of anyone. There always will be the private area. You can try to destroy it but still everyone is borne and most grow up in some kind of family unit. The state can install places to child “care” or force the kids to go to school. But school just can last for such long. After that the control and influence stops. If you have a clean idea about the things you own. The other things just follow naturally. It can be correct that anyone can get along and take away the things you own. Yes they socialist state have done that and still the people “owned” houses and still the people even did barter (even if not in the state paper, declared to be money). Even in the GDR there were wages and the like, and even there were smaller or larger shops in which you could buy something and still one had to pay the handicrafter. So in fact no life without ownership can not be thought. Well it must be the hell for any of the sucker. In the end there are things they can not control . And what they never will be able to control is your mind. No-one can tell you what you current desires are. It’s owned by you and you just can fulfill it yourself. You want something, then you try to get it. You know in our society the way that works is with “having money”. You own enough money to pay for your wishes, then you just go out and buy it. If you do not have the money you have just two ways on getting it.

  • – on a voluntary bas
  • – by force

Most of men have an idea about the correct way, And no corruption will change that. The only way they agree to the force if it’s for “larger” good. That’s the way of the sucker. They claim, they know what’s best for everyone. And here we go, they have no way enforce that forever. Yes, they can raise the taxes, but there is a natural “limit” the higher the tax the less are willing to bear them. And from there on a raw force takes place: markets. Oh yes the suckers will do everything they can to disallow entering the “black” markets. Anyway, there’s no way that this can possibly work. Kuba is the most impressive example, and indeed it just works because of “black markets”. How will you disallow helping his/her neighbor? Anyway the suckers now see the limits of their aggression and that makes them even more aggressive. They will fight to the bloos with the “forces” . Of course they would not name it that “primitive” but just see the wordings. “Speculants, unfair markets, too less control” and the like. So you see it in the vocabulary they use. They want to go on with their suppression but still the simple facts work against them. And you see this makes them a hell of nervous.

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