It’s as if I had wrote it

but better.

It comes down for me to:
“The mediocre triumph because, having little or nothing else to do, they can devote themselves to intrigue, backstabbing, and jockeying for power. ”

That’s what I think about soldiers, bueraucrats and politicians. I’m not even sure about it’s mediocre part, but intrigue, backstabbing and the like. I simply call it dishonesty. I found that over and over again and very well laid out in The 48 laws of power.

And now my biggest problem with it. I do not want to live that way (and I think I’m not). I do not want to get ruled and I do not want to rule. Ruling is for cowards (IMHO), they just let others die for them, that’s the simple rule of ruling. Oh there are some brutes ammong them, but most would never even dare to day they let do others their killing (literally). How many members of congress have gone to war. The real one where one can die in an instant? How many presidents have died in war? Hardly anyone, just look the last world ware. How did they die? The killed themselved, burned themselves and the like. Any immediate threat thrown an enemy? Well hardly, some have tried to kill Hitler, but unfortunatly failed.

But look around today. Whose dying? Hardly the old mens, which have decided to go to war. Be it against terrorism, or whatever… Young stupids they could convince that they are doing something great for their country. but in the end it’s this ruthlessness and backstabbing mentioned above.

We are much poorer world because of “politicians”….

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