The "allmighty" politicians

An intersting example of farsight of politicians. As some of you may know Greece, has terrible hard times with their deficits. some suggest that it has to be excluced from the EU currency area, however there are not provisions for such a  case. And now the others are navigatint along a path which is against their own given laws. as pointd out e.g here (!! in German)

In short the paragraph says no country  has to bear the debts of another country, but now they are “considering” giving debt guarantee to Greece. This is simply perversion of justice. Germans are hunted for tax evaded, while buing stolen data from someone having worke in Switzerland. The have choosen a similiar failout plan as the US and they have dispossessed the owner of HRE.

You see the tendency? I guess you are not suprised. One intervention asks for the next one and sooner or latter you are trapped. You can just go on with stealing for a while, if theres nothing left, all ends in misery. Especially we Germans have a lot of experiences with starting from “scratch”. Do we really have to prove it yet another time.?




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