This time it really gets miserably. The EU is considereing bailing-out Greece. How great is that, the one-eyed should lead the blind

Greece is a nepotism, the current “helpers” are on their way to nepotism. Nepotism leads to bancruptcy and so we all are heading towards it. Anything learned? Not a bit. So what can we do. I just can see one way out, introduce real-money any forbid that governements can lend. All other ways will sooner or later lead to YAF (yet another failout). THE EU should not spend one cent, Greece should left the Euro area and get their business done.

The most important now for Greece is introducing free trade (not bought trade). So every one takoing a cent of bribe money, is excluded from every public job. No excuse is accepted. Accepting bribe money is the counterpart of free trade, it’s conspiracy. So 2 sides (one side the “allmighty governement”, do make deals which, let to trades for “unreal” money. And it surely means it will be much more expensive for the governement.

So as long as we do see that bribe money is handed over in “quantities”, Greece should be left alone. If they’d had to leave and would start having real-money, they will recover very fast. If we sink in extra Fiat-money, they will loose and we’ll  loose also.






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