Krugman on the warpath again

this time it’s China. Not that I’m that found of it, but what Krugman want is that the Chinese
follow the US on the insane path. How to do that, well the Chinese do produce things, the US people like to buy,
and thos things are “cheaper” now, to counterbalance this the Chinese products must get more expensive. So what will
be the result, raising prices, the US people will get poorer. Another genious move from this, “steering” believers. It’s so stupid that it hurts
but they get away with it, and even more perverse, those not following have to pay also. US = freedom, may be a note on the side of
history. OOOOOOOOBama  GOOOOOOOO, ……………………………………….., the more far away the better.



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