Yet another few billions

Well maybe you know the book with the title “the never ending story”. Well we have a political follow-up to it. It’s called
HRE. The German have sunk (officially around 100 Billions) into it from 2008 till yesterday. And suprise out of the blue another 40 billions are at stake.

That makes up an astonishing 140 billions for just one bank. Our whole budget is around
Einnahmen 2010: 239.600.000.000,00 (income)
Ausgaben 2010: 325.400.000.000,00 (expenses)
Defizit 2010: 85.800.000.000,00 (new debt)

Davon für Verteidigung 31,1 Mrd, Arbeit u Soziales (inklusive Zuschuss in die Rentenkasse) 146,8 Mrd, Schuldentilgung und Zinsen 40,4 Mrd.

So 2/3 of the whole income of 2010 was sunk into HRE till today.
And guess what the budget for work and “social stuff” is 146,8 Billions.

Let’s get it to down to more comprehensable figures. If you’d earn 3000 EUR/Month. 2000 of it would have to be spend on losses.

Welcome to deledefs land of plenty. Plenty of other peoples money…..

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