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How great the deception

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-11-15/paralyzed-iraq-war-veterans-writes-last-words-bush-cheney Just a few remarks… I sympathise to him. I once was young also and did believe I’d do the right thing doing my forced year in the Bundeswehr. Hell after  a few months I recognized how stupid I was. … Continue reading

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Very justified question

http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2014-02-04/anyone-really-surprised-system-brink-again Well I wrote here over an over again it’s not the question if, but only when. Unsustainable system must crash, sooner or later. Nothing can prevent that. I’m still not sure if the break-down is just around the corner … Continue reading

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Finding yourself quite happy today?

I’ve cure for you: http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2014-01-06/biggest-terrorism-scaremongers-are-themselves-ones-promoting-terrorism Ain’t the nice. Well yes I wrote it more than once the greates terrorists world-wide are states. Another “nice” proof of this….

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Full hit

at least in my eyes: Good Cops? I do think that police is fighting against one’s own population while (just) enforcing laws, just the politicans want. Why is it so hard to understand that theft is a crime and there … Continue reading

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Let me have a look

One http://fdominicus.freecapitalists.org/2011/07/18/expected/ Two http://fdominicus.freecapitalists.org/2011/08/01/suprise/ Three http://fdominicus.freecapitalists.org/2011/09/08/suprised/ And cha cha cha. This is not even entertaining, it’s just the pure blank pain and hate I can fell for the US-congress. They are not even Jokes of Politicians but caricatures. It’s a … Continue reading

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Just a small question

to my readers from the USA. When do you want to get your civil rights back? You spy on the worl and probably your own population. So how comes, that the population does not demand back their freedom? What is … Continue reading

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It did not had needed this proof

The USA is a fascists country, it has come over them while “fighting” terrorism. And it has shown that free just means free within the means of the bound put around you y your “you loving government. It just takes … Continue reading

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Freedom is just a few nos away

Well you have to use the ‘no’ at proper places. You want a new credit for whatever you like to consume. Just say no. I do not need that. The bank promises you a 100 % increase in whatever you … Continue reading

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How comes I’m not surprised?

Two entries on the zerohedge log: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-01-12/guest-post-social-security-system-already-broke and one that leads me to: http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2013-01-13/ceo-german-multinational-costs-monetary-are-union-too-high That’s the difference between states and firms. States to make firms suffer and firms have to see how to get out of it with their own … Continue reading

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It’s just show time

well or you can name is political theatre time. If it wouldn’t be so serious one could sit back and enjoy the show. Anyway the US democrats and republicans will simply raise the debt barrier again and so the so … Continue reading

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