It starts with

PC (political correctness), then comes the phase off “the democratic forces” than it goes over to voluntary self-control.
Then it’s blaming everyone not for one self to be “undemocratic”, then comes the end of freedom of press. And from there on it’s not a far way to
the army of National Peoples Army, then comes war, after war just one thing “persists” the oppressed market.

Does it have to be always that harsh. Is it really a good thing to follow this path again and again and again. Germany is currently in phase 2 – 3.
The press just writes about some people “fighting” the attacks of the market. Now Hungary is a bit beyond the are on exterminating the press.

It’s not far away to laws for “Rassehygiene”. Maybe it will come the time where you just will see “Arbeit macht frei”… again

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