This time is NOT different

Do yourself a favour and buy or try to get your hand on “This time is different”. It is as if this book was written for this crime we currently have to watch.

If you just believe a second what the supposed-to-be-experts write. Just forget it, especially forget nearly everything Krugman writes. No too much debt is
always the beginning of the end. And this was trues always and can not be changed. You just can live beyond your means as long as people trust that
you’ll be able to pay back.

This trust has to be earned. But if you always act against horse sense, you’ll see one day you won’t get any credit any longer. Now it seems that too many countries faces this fate.
Greece does not get any more money, and Italy is starting to get no more money. And the US can’t do anythign any longer because of 15 trillions of debt.

You may remember: It’s so foreseeable

Foreseeable wrong. Nothing has changed since ages the rulers enslave their underlings. Today they name it democracy, but democracy is just another kind of dictatorship. The majority rules the minorities. And guess what the vermin are the majority. You can name, them bureaucrats are the most harmful, but then you will also read from the poor blind which can not do this or that or whatever. It’s always that it’s not ones own fault, no the culprits are always the circumstances or the others.

In every speech these days you will hear things like responsibility, helping, solidarity, and not to forget justice. Well the justice of spongers…..

The real justice markets are not even considered any more. All the laws and every action is against markets. Free trade? Come one you must be joking. See the treaties of trade of the US. The bureaucrats, decide whom can do what trade with whom else. And you have to ask the spongers, and if they do not want. Well bad for you….

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