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I do not want to be living anywhere near the Guilty Elite Classes, or anywhere within 100 miles where the population density exceeds 10 per square mile, after the dollar collapses in a hyper inflationary spasm.

Because EBT cards will not buy enough food to last a day. Anyway, all grocery stores shelves and warehouses will empty in mere hours. Then it will be up to FEMA to provide food to the (just what is the latest head count of American citizens and non-citizens dependent on EBT cards for their daily bread?) some-50 million-plus starving Americans? Desperate fathers and mothers are going to do anything, and I want to emphasize anything, to feed their starving babies and small children!

In the process the pent-up anger from three decades of tens of millions of downwardly mobile Americans whose jobs were moved to China, and tens of millions more Americans kept deliberately dependent, all by deliberate political calculation, is going to vent rapidly and unpredictably. It’s going to vent all at once because none of the safety valves built into the American Republic by the Constitution work any longer.

The Unconstitutional Federal Tyranny, the Uni Party, the One-Party System, the No-Choice System, the Elected, bought and sold for Widow’s Mites that even Judas would have scoffed at, no longer represent the interests of the voters, whatever you wish to call the parties themselves. The Elected and their appointees all answer to the same Deep Pockets, the Uber Rich, the Immortal Family Foundations, the Organized International Criminal Syndicate of Central Banks and Commercial Banking & Insurance and the Mega Multinational Corporations—Corporations that in fact have more rights and fewer responsibilities than flesh and blood human beings.

The factions so dreaded by the Founders are firmly in control of America and are deliberately bleeding the lifeblood from the remnants of the American Republic. Our supposed representatives no longer even make a pretense of taxing us. The Criminals who own the Unconstitutional and Criminally-complicit Federal Reserve Bank electronically create at least 40% of every dollar that the Federal government spends at need and hands it over, festooned with strings.

It’s no longer mathematically possible for the United States to pay its debts. Plus, the Supreme Court ruled in the mid-1930’s that Social Security payments are nothing more than to support those too old or unable to work any longer. That is, one has no “right” to a return of any payments made into the system.

The English Parliament of the day would not have allowed King George III to commit even one unlawful act that LPOTUS—Lying-most President Of The United States—commits on a weekly basis for his past 312-some weeks in office.

Not satisfied with regular impeachable offenses, he is not only grossly alienating our natural allies against Islamic Extremism—China, India and Russia—who both share long borders with Islamic lands and/or have significant domestic Islamic extremism. He’s also trying to push the United States into war against both China & Russia!

LPOTUS Obama must be stopped by Congress using the impeachment process before he and his chicken-hawk, war-monger advisors push us into a war that no sane American should want!

There’s no such thing as the Glorious Dead! My Father’s aircraft, a C-47 in the USAF 21st Troop Carrier Squadron, helped haul nearly 4,800 US Army soldiers, US Marines, UK Marine Commandos, Republic of Korea soldiers and Chinese People’s Liberation Army casualties out of the Chosin/Changjin Reservoir Area, during the Korean War, late-November-to-early-December 1950, while bringing in vitally needed supplies, especially cold weather gear in temperatures as low as -37 degrees Celsius. They often landed and took-off within 200 meters of PLA lines.

Dad tried to talk me out of volunteering to be a United States Marine during the Vietnam War saying, “I hauled dead Marines out of the Chosin Reservoir, frozen and stacked like cordwood in my airplane.” Would that I had heeded him…

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