Watch carefully

It’s end-game time on Greek.

It can’t surprice anyone having followed either this Blog or any other “libertarian” Blog. Just check the postes on Just look for bloggers influences by Hayer, Rothbard.

Anyone have ever read the books from Roland Baader? And many here probably will have had read “Human Action”, or man economy and state or the way to serfdom or maybe even Atlas Shrugged.

It can not surprise anyone WHO wanted to know, really. All the surprises ones are those which have not the slightest clue what the really stand for. Do you know anyone who proudly tells you I’m socialist.  I bet if you ask one really, they will point out the are for free markets, but then there will follow this small word: but

the but is. We have to control it, we need government for keeping it “civilized” or such kind of things. The end ist they do still trust government to solve the problems they are facing which are made by government. There’s but one word to describe them clearly and easy enough: dumb.




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